Departmental Staff

  • Miss S Ferris

The staff are committed to maintaining traditional art skills, such as observational drawing and painting, whilst being very eager to embrace IT and to develop new topics of study.


The aim of the Art & Design department is to provide a range of rich and diverse activities, including painting, ceramics, computer graphics, printmaking and 2D & 3D design, which will encourage pupils to embrace their creative talents and to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the subject. Pupils are given opportunities to participate in lessons and experiences that accelerate, challenge and enrich their learning. Art & Design provides the students with opportunities to develop their sensory experiences and aesthetic awareness through a wide variety of projects, pupils can communicate their thoughts and feelings, express themselves in innovative, motivating ways and experience enrichment and enjoyment through visual and tactile responses.

P5100271Art and Design is a rapidly-growing area in education and opportunities for employment have never been more promising. Art and Design affects us all in a multitude of ways and many designers have shaped our daily lives greatly, from the clothes we wear to the magazines we read and the gadgets we use. Interactive television, computer search engines, digital photography and stunning computer games have ensured that our young people now engage more than ever with highly-sophisticated imagery

In the Art & Design department students develop intellectual and practical abilities and appreciate the relationship between their work and that of artists, designers and craft workers in their own and other cultures. In their use and exploration of materials, processes and technologies in both two- and three-dimensions students learn to be selective and discriminating.

At present we enter all Key Stage 4 students who have selected our subject for GCSE Art and Design. Year 13 and 14 students are entered for GCE AS and A2 Level.

We offer a versatile programme, covering a wide range of experiences and activities to all pupils from Key Stage 3 to A Level.

Pottery and Ceramic Design

From Key Stage 3 pupils are involved in exploration and experimentation in the development of skills and techniques in the use of clay and glazes, progressing to realistic, functional and creative ceramic design at GCSE and A Level.

3 Dimensional Design

Investigation and research into media (wire / wood / plaster / fabrics / clay) with emphasis on skills and techniques in the designing of artefacts in 3 dimensions such as pots, figure sculptures, clocks, chairs etc. takes place from Key Stage 3 onwards.

Textile Design

Students are given opportunities to explore and experiment with media and processes used in dyed and printed fabrics, silk painting and embroidery at GCSE and A Level. From Key Stage 3 onwards pupils are involved in the development of skills and techniques in designing and creating for fashion and fabrics such as wall hangings, cushions, dresses, hats etc.

Graphic Design / ICT

All pupils are involved in the development of skills and techniques in the use of graphic tools and equipment including Photoshop. Year 8 students use ICT to research and design a dream bedroom. Year 9 Pop Art theme using images covert to Pop Art style using computer programmes and Year 10 produce a PowerPoint on the life of a chosen Impressionist artist. Progression to well planned layout ideas and final presentations for packaging, poster design, book cover and illustration etc. are part of Year 8 to Year 14 units of work. All students are encouraged to use the Internet for theme research and VLE tasks.


From KS3 skills and techniques in printmaking as a means of developing pattern and design ideas or for Fine Art is developed using lino and polystyrene printing.

Fine Art and Sculpture

kym 016All students explore and experiment with media and processes including drawing, painting, collage work, mixed media, sculpture, modelling and printing. Further development of these skills and techniques using materials and equipment including ICT, Photoshop and photography takes place at GCSE and A Level.

Discussion and emphasis on research into the historical aspects of the various areas of practice, critical self-appraisal of work at various stages, and the use of visual language and key words inherent in all tasks is an important aspect of our course.

Possible Careers in Art & Design:

  • Website Designer
  • Art Teacher
  • Art Gallery /museum curator
  • Illustrator
  • Window Dresser
  • Sign Writer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Art Therapist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Fine Artist Special
  • Effects Designer
  • Florist Auctioneer
  • Hairdresser
  • Jewellery Designer/ Maker
  • Interior Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Photographer
  • Make-up Artist
  • Technology & Design Teacher
  • Painter/Decorator
  • Set Designer
  • Model Maker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Jewellery
  • Maker Architect
  • Early Years/ Nursery Teacher
  • Furniture Designer
  • Sign Writer
  • Animator
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Product Manager
  • Film Maker/Editor