Studying Business Studies will help students gain knowledge and understanding of businesses, how they operate and the roles of various stakeholders.  Students will learn how businesses start up, what is required to keep them going and the challenges they face.  

By taking this subject, students will be well prepared to study at advanced level.

A qualification in Business Studies can lead to a career in accounting, advertising, banking, retail, management consulting, marketing, research, human resources, a small business, or self-employment as an entrepreneur.


Unit 1 is assessed in an external written examination.  The unit introduces students to the fundamentals of starting a business, resources needed, stakeholders, marketing, e business, m-business and business operations.

Unit 2 is assessed in an external written examination.  Students examine human resources, including recruitment and selection, appraisal, training, motivation, business growth and finance.

Unit 3 is assessed in a controlled assessment task.  Students carry out a research task and examine and evaluate a business plan, communicating their findings in a structured report writing task.


Business Studies combines well with Economics, Mathematics, Geography and Digital Technology. Students can also develop their skills in Communication, Using Mathematics and Digital Technology.

The key benefits to students include:

  • learning how a business starts up and how it functions;
  • considering the impact of e-business and m-business;
  • being aware of quality assurance standards and health and safety legislation;
  • examining recruitment and selection procedures, training and motivating staff;
  • learning about business finance, including how to interpret and analyse business information; and
  • carrying out research and evaluating a business plan, and using this information to write a report with recommendations






Unit 1:

Starting a Business

This unit covers:

•   Creating a Business

•   Marketing

•   Business Operations.

External written examination

1 hour 30 mins

(Year 11)


Unit 2:

Developing a Business

This unit covers:

•   Human Resources

•   Business Growth

•   Finance

External written examination

1 hour 30 mins

(Year 12)


Unit 3:

Planning a Business (Synoptic)

This unit requires students to complete a research task and a   structured report-writing task based on a business plan.

Controlled assessment


(Year 12)