All Year 10 pupils have one 35 minute period of Education for Employability each week.  Guidance is given to Year 10 pupils from the Careers Department, Year Heads, form teachers, subject teachers and the Careers advisor who visits each Year 10 class prior to their GCSE Subject Choices.  All Year 10 pupils receive a one-to-one interview with the Curriculum VP prior to their subject choices in March.  The DEL Careers advisor also attends the Year 10 PTM and is available for a pre-booked appointment.

What we learn 

Learning Styles

Skills and qualities

Multiple Intelligences

Linking your intelligence to your school subjects

Job Families 

Preparing for my Guidance Interview

STEM awareness within job families 

Setting Targets 

Where qualifications lead – different routes.  Broad progression 

My KS4 Options – Making Decisions 

Preparing for guidance interview 

What I would like to study

Tourism in N Ireland

Health and safety 

Careers leaflet

What employability means to me.