All Year 8 pupils have one 35 minute period of Education for Employability every week.  Visiting speakers and scheduled Young Enterprise events coincide with the Year 8 Programme.  


Introduction to Employability

Theme: Who am I?

Introduction to Career Management

Theme: Laying down plans

Work in the local and global economy

Theme: My Place

Career Management

Theme: Try it out

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

What’s in a job?

Skills and Qualities

What are employers looking for?

Skills for work

My past, present and future career

How did you get to where you are today?

My personal Goal

Theme: Information is Key

How can I get access to help?

Job types in the local/global economy

Occupational Sectors

Presenting myself

Research skills

Theme: School, Work and Lifestyle

How the world of work has changes

Working patterns

Health and Safety 

STEM/Careers What is it?

Jobs through history/future

Fair trade

What employability means to me