All Year 9 pupils have one 35 minute period of Education for Employability every week.  Visiting speakers and scheduled STEM Ambassador events coincide with the Year 9 Programme. 


Career Management

Theme: Who am I?

Work in the local and global economy

Theme: My Place – Local and Global Economy

Enterprise and entrepreneurship

Theme: My Place – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Career Management

Theme: Information is Key

More than one way

Your own style

Getting the best out of your style

Europe – getting to know you

Migrant workers

The Global Economy

Food Miles

Fair Trade

Go Green

Jobs in Sustainable Development

Employment in N Ireland

What is enterprise and how enterprising are you?

What is enterprising?

Failure: A disaster or a learning curve

Theme: Try it out

Fantasy Enterprise Plan

Sam’s snack challenge

Sources of Support

Who’s who?

Theme: School, Work and Lifestyle

Career Pathways

What employability means to me