Careers Programme

We aim to deliver impartial, accurate and up to date information and advice to help students become more self-aware, self-confident and achieve their personal aims. 

A number of presentations are given from outside agencies during Year 13 and 14 including UCAS Higher Education Convention, University Department Open Days, and Careers Talk within our local hospital, Sentinus, SRC, CAO, DKIT.

The Careers Department work closely with the DEL Careers Advisor: who can be pre-booked for an individual appointment.  They offer a more detailed guidance interview about individual careers plans.  

Year 13


Introduction to E-Progress File – The Year Ahead

Settling In

Recognising Career Management Skills

Careers Exploration


Local and Global LMI

Looking Forward

School Leavers Destinations

Update CV

School, Work and Lifestyle

School leavers Destinations

Update CV

Information is Key

Information on applying to university, degree courses and tariff points

Qualification explained – Foundation Degrees

Qualifications explained – HND’s & HNC’s

Targeted Applications 

Influences and Support

What support can I get?

Try it out?

Preparing for work placement

Laying down plans

Careers Exploration 

It’s decisions time

 Presenting myself

Preparing for success 

Year 13 Work Experience (June 2015) 
University of Ulster Newsletter – Edition 28, November 2014 
University of Ulster open days:
University of Ulster Sports Academy Insight Night – 16th Oct 2014 Register Now!!
University of Ulster School Presentation

YEAR 14 

UCAS Preparation 

UCAS Application 

Higher Education Applications 

Interview Skills Development

Student Finance

University Visits

Interview Technique

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