Paris 2013

Departmental Staff

  • Mrs R Burns (Head of Department)

  • Mrs AM Delargy

  • Monsieur Simon de Parseval (Language Asst)

Our Vision

The Modern Languages Department aims to promote the study of French within the school community and to help each and every student to achieve his or her potential and aspirations in this area, as part of a rounded education.

To this end we aim to provide courses which are engaging, relevant and rewarding and which lead to the greatest levels of success in public examinations through high quality teaching and learning. We aim to tailor our provision to students’ individual needs so that all students may feel that they are making good progress and are well supported in their endeavours.

We aim to assist the development of pupils’ general communication and social skills, by providing frequent opportunities to practise listening, reading, speaking and writing and by imparting a greater understanding of the way language works. We aim to develop good study skills and work habits throughout.

We also aim to foster a genuine interest in other cultures and a sympathetic attitude towards them, taking full advantage of our increasing multicultural school population.