• Mrs R Burns (Head of Department)
  •  Mrs AM Delargy
  • Monsieur Simon de Parseval (Language Asst)

The approach to language teaching is now very communicative with almost equal emphasis on the 4 skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.
The aim is to teach all pupils to use confidently the simple French needed to cope with everyday situations that one might encounter on holiday or when working abroad.
The Contexts for Learning and Associated Topics provide pupils with opportunities to engage in linguistic activities through a broad range of experiences. 
Assessment in French at KS3 level is an integral and essential part of the teaching and learning process and is incorporated into the departmental schemes of work. Pupils are assessed regularly in the 4 skills via Core Assessments in listening, speaking, reading and writing 
Positive achievement is encouraged in order to promote pupils’ self esteem. Pupils’ weaknesses are identified with a view to providing remedial attention appropriate to the problems identified. 

The French Department follow the NI Curriculum Specification at KS3

What your child will learn in Year 8 French

What your child will learn in Year 9 French

What your child will learn in Year 10 French

Additional Support for KS3…..KS4 

Frequently used sites at St Joseph’s:

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Many of the above sites can also be accessed as an ‘APP’ or on other social media formats – we particularly encourage

‘duolingo’, ‘zimflex’ and ‘quizlet’

Pupils can also access specific resources on our VLE SITE 

- We have a French Language Assistant two days per week who works with pupils in small groups to improve their oral skills in particular.

- We celebrate European Day of Languages on 26th September every year with displays of work which focus on particular aspects of the many European cultures we have in our school community.   European Day of Languages

Other events include:

-       a French Breakfast morning where pupils get to savour a typical French Breakfast

-        the ‘Opportunity Europe Fair & Exhibition’ in St George’s Market in Belfast in October. This event, organised by the British Council, highlights our European and international links in the world of work, study and volunteering, and is of particular interest to students with a European language. (See leaflet)

In June, we organise a trip to Paris for our Year 10 pupils. They spend five action packed days visiting the main attractions in and around Paris including Eurodisney.