Departmental Staff

  • Mrs M Hearty (Head of Department)
  • Mrs A Begley
  • Mrs N McMahon
  • Mrs A Delargy
  • Mrs R Mullen
  • Mr D Loye (ICT Technician).


We make use of five purpose-built, state of the art, networked ICT rooms with a whole class to enhance the teaching of ICT. Each ICT room has networked PCs and networked laser printers.

The Sixth Form has a study room equipped with computers and laser printers. Senior Students are able to continue with coursework, use curriculum software or access the internet at any time during the school day. Every networked PC has access to full colour printing and photocopiers.

Every main teaching room in the school has a networked computer linked to an interactive white boards. All teachers have an ipad to aid them in the delivery of their lessons.


The school has numerous servers which handle different areas of the network and administration. These servers enable resources to be shared efficiently; emails and internet access to be filtered; virus protection to be updated regularly; and enable pupils to access their personal documents from any computer on the network. All desktop PCs connected to this network have access to the vast array of subject software, Microsoft Office suite and internet resources.

Every student in the school has his own email address; they can access the St Joseph’s VLE and their Outlook Inbox over the internet using the C2K network.