GCSE Digital Technology

We will begin teaching this new examination in September 2017.  This specification builds on the learning experiences from Key Stage 3.  It develops practical skills using a range of generic software or in an object-oriented environment.  There are three units which are as follows:





Unit 1:  Digital Technology

External written   examination 1 hour


End of Year 11

Unit 2:  Digital Authoring Concepts

External written   examination 1 hour 30 mins


End of Year 12

Unit 3:  Digital Authoring Practice

Controlled assessment


Year 11/Year 12

 Specification Summary

This specification aims to encourage students to:

• acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of digital technology in a range of contexts;

• acquire creative and technical digital technology skills and apply these in a range of contexts;

• develop and evaluate digital technology based solutions to solve problems;

• develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies and the social and commercial impact of these technologies;

• develop their understanding of the legal, social, economic, ethical and environmental impact of digital technology;

• recognise potential risks when using digital technology and develop safe, secure and responsible practice; and

• develop the skills needed to work collaboratively.

Benefits to Students

The specification develops practical skills using a range of generic software or in an object-oriented environment. It provides a sound basis for further study in both GCE Digital Technology and GCE Software Systems Development.


A Level student Emma Burns with directors of the production Miss McNamee and Mrs Gibb being presented with a copy of the Grease programme.  

Year 14 ICT students were asked to create a front cover for the programme.  A number of excellent covers were produced but it was decided that Emma’s would be used.  Emma is hoping to complete a degree in Graphic Design next year.