Yr 11 Crows on the Wire workshop

Departmental staff

  • Mrs R Burns (HOD)
  • Mrs G Rock
  • Miss A Cumiskey
  • Mr M Martin
  • Mr P McCreesh
  • Mr F Smyth

What is GCSE ‘Learning for Life and Work?’

Contemporary society presents us with a maze of challenges and opportunities that can at times seem overwhelming. We navigate that maze by means of the decisions we make, in our family lives, with friends, at school and at work. ‘Learning for Life and Work’ creates a specific space to focus on thinking through major decisions and their implications.

Some relate to our concept of local and global citizenship, such as ‘What are my rights, and what responsibilities go with them? What is my attitude to others who are different? What is “fair”?’ Some are issues of personal development: ‘How can I look after my own well-being? How should I deal with relationships?’ Others relate to employability, such as ‘How is the workplace changing? Taking account of my strengths and interests, where can I best fit in?’

As a general concept, ‘Learning for Life and Work ‘as a specific subject area,  provides practical tools to think independently, make informed choices and act responsibly in today’s world.