Year 8 Ladies Football Team 2017

Departmental Staff

  • Miss A McCarron (Head of Physical Education)
  • Mr J Burke

The Physical Education Department in St. Joseph’s H.S. aims principally to promote the healthy physical, social and psychological development of all pupils.  Accordingly, it offers to every pupil a wide and varied range of sporting activities through its curricular and extra curricular programmes.

Specific Aims

The Physical Education department aims to: 

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of human performance through participation in a range of physical activities
  • acquire and develop to the highest level a range of physical skills related to selected games/sports and a knowledge of safety relevant to these activities
  • develop an appreciation of the relationship between physical activity and general health
  • appreciate the significance of co-operation and competition in individual and team games
  • develop acceptable social and sporting attitudes
  • develop, recognise and value pupils as individuals with their own talents and personalities


The sports facilities at the school include a fully-equipped sports hall, a fully equipped gymnasium, two grass pitches and a handball alley.  The school also makes use local facilities for extra curricular activities, e.g. Lough Muckno, driving range, golf course, etc.