Departmental Staff

  • Mrs G Rock – Miss N McCartan

“The fascination of sociology lies
in the fact that its perspective makes
us see in a new light the very world
in which we have lived all our lives”
Peter Berger
Invitation to Sociology

What is Sociology?

•Sociology is the study of the social world, and the behaviour of humans in a variety of situations.

•In GCSE Sociology a wide variety of topics are covered including, culture, media, the family, schools, crime and inequality.

Why study sociology?

•Sociologists seek to uncover the truth behind news headlines and never accept ‘common sense’ answers.

•Studying sociology will help develop communication skills, evaluation skills and leadership skills.

•Employers value employees who lead by example and develop new ideas. Sociology teaches you how to find out information, extract important information and turn it into a persuasive argument – helping you to influence and motivate others around you.



Career Opportunities

Past sociology students are found across a wide range of occupational areas including social services, education, criminal justice, welfare services, counselling, charities, law and journalism.