The GCSE course seeks to build on the foundations laid at Key Stage 3 and to develop pupils as individuals and contributors to the economy, society and environment. 
The course aims to increase pupils’ oral and written proficiency in the language by developing the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Speaking and Writing are each worth 30% of the final examination and are assessed by controlled assessment. Students prepare and complete 2 tasks for each assessment objective at a time designated by the teacher during the two year course. Listening and Reading are each worth 20% and are externally assessed by terminal exam papers in May/June of Year 12. 
The French Department follow CCEA GCSE FRENCH.

What your child will learn in Year 11 French

What your child will learn in Year 12 French

Additional Support for KS4

Frequently used sites at St Joseph’s


Pupils can also access specific resources on our VLE SITE 

- We have a French Language Assistant two days per week who works with pupils in small groups to improve their oral skills in particular.

- We celebrate European Day of Languages on 26th September every year with displays of work which focus on particular aspects of the many European cultures we have in our school community.   European Day of Languages

Other events include:

-       a French Breakfast morning where pupils get to savour a typical French Breakfast

-        the ‘Opportunity Europe Fair & Exhibition’ in St George’s Market in Belfast in October. This event, organised by the British Council, highlights our European and international links in the world of work, study and volunteering, and is of particular interest to students with a European language. (See leaflet)