Geography Department

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” – Michael Palin

Geography helps us to view the world in which we live, both locally and globally, by exploring the interdependencies of natural, social and economic systems. Many pupils have a keen interest in trying to understand major issues that directly affect their lives and their communities. They have a concern about what is happening in other parts of the world. Pollution, climate change, migration, global poverty and natural hazards are common news items. These issues highlight how change in one part of the world influences, and is influenced by, what happens in another part. In St Joseph’s we aim to help pupils see the importance of geographical knowledge to their lives now and in the future.

Members of the Department

Mrs G Cunningham (Head of Department)

Mrs E Donnelly


Key Stage 3

The topics studied by each year group are as follows:


Year 8

What is Geography?

Map Skills


Weather & Climate

Year 9


Resources & Recycling

Weathering & Erosion

Rivers & Coasts

Year 10


Volcanoes & Earthquakes


Map Skills


Balmoral Show 2017

Christmas Spirit 

Eco-School Initiative

Longest Lesson 2015

Cornahove Archaeological Dig