Key Stage3

Years 8, 9 and 10 follow the Revised Curriculum for KS3

Year 8: Pupils are introduced to Irish with an emphasis on developing effective communication skills. Topics covering “My World” include:  Greetings, Myself, My Family, The Weather, School, Time, Days of the week, Months of the year, Seasons.

Year 9: Pupils develop the various topics covered in Year 8, with an emphasis on spoken language. Year 9 topics include: Pastimes, The House, Area, Shopping, Food and Drink, Health, Parts of the Body.

Year 10: Pupils develop their ability to describe their Family, friends and Home area, Occupations, Holidays, An Ghaeltacht, Professions and Health. Pupils also have the opportunity to achieve their Silver Fáinne and to attend the Gael Linn Junior Quiz.