At St. Joseph’s we are proud of the good relationships that exist between teachers and students. Teachers at St. Joseph’s accept children as individuals of worth and value each one equally, as important members of the school community. Relationships are enhanced through our Personal Development Programme, which cultivates the growth of responsibility which develops self-confidence and self-discipline.

St. Joseph’s High School pays particular attention to its Pastoral Care Programme, since we believe that the purpose of all education is the development of the whole person. This enables each child to make the fullest use of the school to develop his / her study and social skills, deepen self-understanding and understanding of others. Each pupil in the school belongs to a form class of approximately 15 – 20 pupils and stays with the same Form Teacher for five years.

The Form Teacher meets with the form class each morning and for one form period per week. The form class is the secure base to which every student can relate. Form Teachers know each of their children well, and concern themselves with their personal welfare.

The Form Teacher has primary responsibility for monitoring the pupils’ welfare, progress, punctuality and behaviour and builds a special relationship with them. For each Year Group there is also a Year Head who co-ordinates the work of the Form Teacher and assists them in the counselling of their pupils.

Parents are welcome to contact the Form Teacher on any matter relating to their child’s progress or welfare.