The Science department offers three KS4 courses; Single Award Science, Double Award Science and BTEC science.

GCSE Single Award Science

Examining board: CCEA

This course provides opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed through the delivery of the Key Stage 3 curriculum. This specification offers students the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and challenged by a broad, practical and worthwhile course of study. It encourages them to develop their curiosity about the living, material and physical worlds and provides insight into and experience of how science works.

There are four units to be completed in Single Award Science and each unit is worth 25%. Students must complete three written examinations:

  • • Unit 1: Biology
  • • Unit 2: Chemistry
  • • Unit 3: Physics

Controlled Assessment

Students must also complete a controlled assessment task for Unit 4: Practical Skills.

Students must complete one task.  Teachers supervise it and mark students according to our mark scheme, and we moderate the results.

Each pupil is assessed throughout the year and from these results and the pupil’s ability, teachers and pupils then decide together which tier entry is best for the pupil. The Foundation Tier exam lasts for 1 hour; pupils can achieve grades C–G.

The Higher Tier exams last for 1 hour 15 minutes, pupils can achieve grades A*–D/E.

GCSE Double Award Science

Examining board: CCEA

Through studying this specification, students:

  • gain a broad knowledge and understanding of science, biology, chemistry and physics;
  • gain scientific, investigation and problem-solving skills;
  • develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods; and
  • acquire and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society.

For those progressing directly into employment, a GCSE in Double Award Science is relevant not only to the fields of science and engineering, but also to areas of commerce and public service that value problem-solving and practical skills.

Foundation and Higher Tier Courses available:

Grades: 2 GCSE grades awarded

Higher Tier: A*A* – DD

Foundation Tier: CC-GG

Year 11

Pupils will sit 3 exams in November, February and May; each exam is worth 33%

  • Biology Unit 1 (B1): Living Processes and Biodiversity Biology Unit 2
  • Chemistry Unit 1(C1): Structures, Trends and Chemical Reactions
  • Physics Unit 1 (P1): Force and Motion, Energy, Moments and Radioactivity

Year 12

Pupils will sit 3 Terminal exams in May/June time (42%)

  • Biology Unit 2 (B2): Body Systems, Genetics, Microorganisms and Health
  • Chemistry Unit 2 (C2): Further Chemical Reactions and Organic
  • Chemistry Physics Unit 2 (P2): Waves, Sound and Light, Electricity, and the Earth and Universe

Coursework: 2 pieces of Controlled Assessment (25%)