Kevin Meegan

Kevin Meegan who left St Joseph’s High School Crossmaglen last August is set to reveal his very first novel, written at the young age of 17. The fast-paced thriller entitled, Lazarus, follows the story of a sadistic killer, tormenting the state of Ohio, America. This chilling new book is not for the faint-of-heart given its gripping nature and unexpected twists and turns which are sure to have you hooked!

Kevin, now 19, has always loved to write, often “scribbling” down ideas, creating characters and weaving stories around them. With English being his favourite subject in St Joseph’s High School Crossmaglen, he became enthralled by books and the idea of writing, an ambition which was further helped through the various English teachers he had during his time there.

The novel took Kevin six months to write and over a year to edit and finally publish, the process often draining due to the pressure of his A Level examinations but nonetheless worth the effort given the final outcome. The book was released in January, through means of self-publication with Amazon, a process which allows writers to get their books out into the world through means of Kindle devices and paperback books. This service was a calling-card for this young writer and he was elated at discovering that such a service existed. Allowing his book to transpire from simply a dream to a reality.  

The exhilarating novel, Lazarus, is available to buy on Amazon for £2.99 on Kindle or £7.99 paperback and Kevin would love for anyone who enjoys the genre to consider purchasing and reviewing it. In the meantime, Kevin is busy writing his second novel which he promises will be every bit as exciting as his debut one.   

Kevin Meegan

Kevin Meegan donating a copy of his novel to school librarian Mrs Margaret McNamee. Also in picture, Mrs Carleton-  Head of Junior School and Teacher of English, Mr Jones – Principal, Mrs Hamill – Vice Principal and Teacher of English and Mr Martin – Head of English. 


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