Monday 19th May Year 9 pupils had a memorable STEM day with Pat Jamison from Sentinus. The theme for the day was ‘Renewable Energy’. An action packed day ensued, starting with pupils working in teams to build a hovercraft. Pupils were then given a limited supply of materials to work together and build an energy efficient house with a propeller. Each design was tested to see how much energy could be produced and each team voted for the best design. The final goal was to build a wind turbine to light a LED bulb.

Tuesday 20th May Year 8 pupils enjoyed an exciting Robotics course. We were joined by Pat Jamison from Sentinus and Andy Lindsay from Parallax, a major educative robotics company in America. Andy is the director of robotics at Parallax and the robots that were used on the day were his invention. 

Pupils were challenged to programme a robot to complete an intricate course with a number of turns. The pupils had to use their maths skills to work out the distance of the course and each turn and from this work out the time required between each turn. The pupils also had to use their ICT skills to programme the robot with a computer. The robot which crossed the winning line in the fastest time was the winner. Needless to say, a competitive afternoon followed with all the pupils keen to win. 


Mrs Begley – Head of Careers pictured with

Pat Jamison from Sentinus, Andy Lindsay from Parallax,

Mr Jones – Principal and Miss Oliver – Science Teacher who organised the event.