The visit was organised by Mr Mulholland (Head of Technology and Design) and Mrs Begley (Head of CEIAG). The STEM concept aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as career choices for young people. The STEM Module brings the subjects closer to schools and pupils by allowing them access to high-quality equipment and recourses.

Year 11 GCSE Technology and Design students had the opportunity to engage in industrial processes and got involved in Computer Numerical Controlled Manufacturing whereby they could see the link between Maths, Technology and the Engineering behind designing. The pupils saw a demonstration of how to use router machines and each student made their own plaque with their name and a logo on it to take home as a sample of their experience. This course offers pupils an opportunity to see and use CNC routers to manufacture name plates and to engrave logos. This includes the initial computer based programming tasks as well as then having the routers produce the finished designs.

The STEM Module Truck is a mobile educational unit which is used to promote Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths; these are areas / subjects which are being heavily invested in by the government. The STEM truck can be converted in to a number of different uses so each of these areas can be delivered within the one mobile unit.